Tuesday, November 28, 2006

One Set Done, One To Go!

I finished the first set of Mrs.Ann's dishcloths today at school. The fourth dishcloth was not nearly as bad as the third. Last night I couldn't sleep so at eleven thirty I was laying in bed working away on the dishcloth. A few minutes ago. I cast on and worked up until the cable round on Erin's Fetching fingerless gloves from Knitty. So far, I like them. I have decided that I will not be cabling without the cable needle for this cable project. That is how I did the first cable round and it did not work well. I ended up mad at it, so I put it down. I am abou to go to bed, but I wanted to say that I am sooooooo close to being done with the Christmas presents I plan on making. I am baby-sitting until late Friday night, and then almost all day Saturday, so I am going to try and convince my mother to take me to our yarn shop, Knit'n'Stitch so I can get the needles I need for Lindsey's hat. Her basket is looking very cute. I am thinking that I am going to knit a lining around the edge. How should I attach it? Thanks a million!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Cursed Dishcloth Complete!!

Finally!!!!! I have been working on a third dishcloth for Mrs.Ann for THREE days! Three!!! THe reason it took me so long, was the fact that I messed up a grand total of FIFTEEN times!! I never mess up that many times! EVER! It was soooo weird. I finally finished that one last night while chatting online with Eric and Lindsey, two of my really good friends. I was typing in caps how many rows I had left by the end! The cursed dishcloth is FINALLY done. YEAH!!

Off the subject of dishcloths, onto the subject of Christmas presents. I have officially finished 15 of 18. Today, I finished up my mom's Christmas present, which is two washcloths, uusing the ballband pattern (33 stitches, 9 bands) and an adorable bar of gingerbread men soap that I found for a dollar at Michaels! I am going to have t oget some more! That is the best preent for teachers. Since I have six, I may want to get started! lol.

When I figure out how to get my pictures onto the computer with this new thing my dad got I will post pictures of them. The funniest thing about my mom's present is that she bought the soap! She saw it and said, why don't I buy that for you. I didn't know I would be using it for her Christmas present!

The other Christmas present I have completed is my uncle's hat. I decided to give the camo hat that was orginally his, to my grandfather, who hunts. I found a hat that I finished a couple of months ago. I thought that I could just give him that. It is still handknitted!

Bye for now! I have to go back to school tomorrow. Blah!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

If I See Another Dishcloth...

I think I'll SCREAM!!!!!! This can't be the best mood to be in, considering I have to finish knitting my third one for this first set, then make seven more. I'm going to die. At least two of them aren't as big. They are facecloths. I am going to pair them up with some pretty soap for my mother for Christmas. I think that I will do them with Ecru and a blue mulitcolored cotton. I think it will look good. I am going to get so sick of Ballband Dishcloths! Next year, I will probably use the Mason-Dixon Washcloth pattern. I have started a Booga Bag using some blue wool that my mom got me in Black Mountain, North Carolina, at a shop called Wilde & Wooly. I love that shop, but it is expensive. So, I just let my mom buy the yarn. It works. Today, my mom and I are going to Micheals, with Gram, my great grandmother. She is driving my mother crazy! Gram is my dad's grandmother. She used to tell me I knit wrong. I told her alright, and kept on knitting just like I do right now. She stopped saying stuff after I learned to knit aocks and she can't. Oh the joys of an internet tuturial. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Two In One Day!

Wow! Two posts in one day! I made so much progress on the dishcloths I felt I had to post. I finished 2 out of 4 dishcloths today. They are very very pretty. Today, we went up to the camp house. I liked it up there. It was a tiny little hunting camp with a whole lot of beds and a tiny little kitchen. In the "den" I guess you could call it, there was the best, softest rocking chair ever! I curled up in that and knitted away by the fire place. I had so much fun. Of course, being sick, I had no desire what so ever to go outside and mess around with stuff until lunch. At lunch, we sat at the table beside my dad's uncles and cousins and aunts. I like his cousins. There is a big age difference between them. Daddy is 40, and his youngest cousin is about 19 I think. Something like that. I like them. They tend to remember that I exist which is nice. They always talk to me. It is really nice. Anne Harris is a really good horseback rider and is ending her show career in February. I really don't know much else about them, just that they are nice, loud, and funny just like everyone else in the Jones family. We decided on plans for the Jones Family Christmas Party. It is going to be at our house. On Christmas Eve everyone is going to come over around 6. We are going to eat and play Dirty Santa, then go to the 11'o'clock Christmas Eve service. I can't wait! Happy Thanksgiving!

Dishcloths Galore

I have knitted 7 of the reverse stockinette stripes on Mrs.Ann's mother's dishcloth. It is turning out very cute so far. After this dishcloth I will have 11 more dishcloths to make before Christmas. Knowing me, I will probably start my mother's dishcloths 2 days before Christmas. That will give me one full day, then two or three church services that I can knit in, and a movie. One of our traditions is that PopPop, my other grandfather, takes Catherine and me to a movie, so Mama can cook. I can get a lot of knitting done during a movie. Other than that present I have to make a hat for PopPop, a tie for Daddy using Fun Fur as a joke, Odessa for Lindsey, and a shawl for Erin. I am doing good with Christmas presents this year! I am cramming in some more knitted items for EACM. I have made two bandannas, one scarf, and two pairs of mittens. I am thinking about using all my leftover yarn from Chirstmas and making a couple of scrap hats. That would be pretty cute I think.

Oh, the reason I am posting is because I woke up at six-fifty this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. So, you got a post for Thanksgiving!

Happy Happy Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Stupid Camera Card

My computer is being stupid. It won't accept my camera card, which means I have no pictures to show you! Stupid computer. Anyway, in case you can't tell by the avatar, I am sick. The day before Thanksgiving. I can't taste anything. This totally and completely sucks. Eric gets Fuggles for the week which means that I get him for Christmas. Eric and I are trying to decide what to put in his stocking that I knit him.Eric thikns we should get him a calculator.

In my knitting news, Mrs.Ann Storie, the lady I made the ballband dishcloths for, has asked me to knit her two more sets for her mother and sister for Christmas presents. I bought the yarn today and started the first dishcloth. I am using Lilly's Sugar'n'Cream in yellow and playtime. It is very cute, if I do say so myself. I will probably finish it and maybe another one tomorrow. I will finish up the first one tomorrow in the car tomorrow and start the seconded one. Then, I hope to finish the second one tomorrow at the camphouse.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Funerals and Penguin Sweaters

Today was DaddyBill's funeral. It was pretty sad. The thing that got me was when Mr.Charlie started saying what he loved most about the grandkids. He said that me, being first, held the special place in his heart. He said that the thing he loved most was when I would snuggle up to him. I always did that. When we went over there once, before he was really sick that is what I did. I went over and I snuggled up to him and alomost fell asleep! It was great! My aunt, mom, dad, and I were all looking through some old pictures. We found some of the cutest ones from when us kids were little with DaddyBill!

Anyway, about the penguin sweaters. I have the two little stuffed penguins, Bruce and Cotton. They are soooo cute! I decided that even though they were penguins, they needed sweaters. So, I pulled out my Weekend Knitting book by Melaine Falick and started flipping through it. One of the first patterns in the book is a pattern for an egg cozy. I grabbed some yarn and cast on. I think it will be a little long on the boys, but, who cares? They're penguins! On Thursday, we are going to the camphouse as my dad calls it for Thanksgiving with the Jones family. That is what DaddyBill wanted to do, but he got to sick to do so. MamaLinda decided that since it was what DaddyBill wanted us to do, that is what we were going to do! Uncle Bruce and Uncle Cotton will be there, so I will have to get a picture of them holding their penguins! I hope to have the sweaters finished by then. It is a two and a half hour drive down there, so they may have more than one sweater.

I went ice skating with Lindsey, Zach, and Lindsey's youth group last night. I have a bruise right on the bottom part of my back and a pulled muscle in my arm! I was in pain during the funeral! lol.

I am going to the feast tomorrow at the preschool. I will have my camera in hand, so expect a lot of pictures!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Lindsey Stop Crying!

Lindsey, stop crying. This is a happy post. I got the cute little Pilgrim salt and pepper shakers. They are so adorable. I love them! Last nigth I bought to little penguins for the penguin attack force. Their names are Bruce and Cotton. They are sooooooooooo cute. I am making some adorable Santa hats for preemies in NICU. They are sooooo cute. It has a pom pom and a little white brim. So cute!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Sad Day Again

DaddyBill passed away this morning around eleven thirty. I found out this afternoon. The funeral will be Monday afternoon. It was odd. The first thing that came to mind was when I was a little girl only about five. My mom, sister, and I were all sitting at a table at the Oyster House in Mobile. I was wearing a little dress and we were waiting for DaddyBill. I say him coming and ran out to see him. He picked me up in this giant bear hug and lifted up my dress. Of course, everyone laughed but I didn't care. He carried me back to the table and I sat in his lap until my food came. That is my favorite memory of him. It is so odd. Last night my dad and I were talking about how I felt about DaddyBill's cancer. Then, today, he dies. I will not be posting until Tuesday probably. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I Had A Bad Day

You know the song Bad Day by Daniel Powder? Listen to that, and you will have my day. I got my progress report today. I have a 78 in math. I know why. I haven't gotten a chance to change some homewrok grades. I have to do that tomorrow. Hopefully it will raise my grade a lot. I have to pull it up to an A. I have to! In my English class we did this fun little assignment for days like today. Everyone got a sheet of paper. You wrote your name at the top in BIG letters. Then you pass them around and everyone has to put something they have noticed about you or that they like about you. Almost all of mine said either I have a good singing voice or I am good at "nitting". It made me laugh. I really needed that. Then, in P.E. we had to play Hero Ball. I hate that game so much. In case you haven't had the joy of playing Hero Ball, here is what you do. The teachers call out a letter. Sometimes they do it by the letter of your last name, or the letter of your first name. Then all of those people go out to the middle, where there are a bunch of balls. The teacher shouts GO and everyone grabss a ball and starts throwing them at each other. If you get hit you are out. Tomorrow I have to go to a big All-County rehearsal. It is during school, so I will miss some more school. Tomorrow night is the performance!!!

I finished my hat for DaddyBill. It is burgandy. He is a huge Alabama fan. My dad is going to take it to him tomorrow. Next week we are having Thanksgiving lunch with him. Is it okay that I'm scard that I'll start crying when I see him? Tonight my prayer was to have two good days this week. I started asking why God had to take him back. I started crying then. I hate crying. I've had to do to much of it this year.

Thanks for listening to me babble about my crappy day.

"You know if we added one more person, we could be the Sexy Seven!"-Shelby Mauck
"You can add me! Then you'll be the Sexy Seven!"-Miranda Guier
"But then we wouldn't be sexy anymore!"-Shelby Mauck

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sad Day

I found out today that there is no chance that my grandfather on my father's side will recover from his cancer. It has been going on since July and come to find out, he could die soon or in a few weeks. It is hard to believe that this is happening. I always assumed that DaddyBill would be around forever to hug me and tell me he loves me. It is so hard to think that he will be gone.

In happier news, because I am tired of being depressed, my All-County performance is Thursday night. I can't wait. We are singing a bunch of Christmas songs. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Speaking of, that is one of the songs we are singing.

Lindsey, my best friend, and her boyfriend have adopted two stuffed animals. A pink bunny named Chuckles the Funny Bunny and Charlie the Penguin. Chuckles is spending the night with me tonight because he does not like Charlie. I am going to get batteries from my dad to use for my camera so I can take it to school Friday and take pictures of me, my friends, and the animals. Patrick decided that Charlie is a member of the Penguin Attack Force.

By the way, this is the 50th post!!!!! YEA!!!!!!

"Don't look at me like you think I'm crazy, look at me like you know I'm crazy!"- Zach, Lindsey's boyfriend

Sunday, November 12, 2006

More Cruise Pictures!!!

YEA!! I figured out how to get the pictures I downloaded upstairs to my laptop downstairs so I have more pictures!!! My mother found out yesterday that my entire family is coming to our house next a week from Wednesday!!! Holy crap!!!! My room has to be sooooooo clean. Gram will die if it isn't. I started the baby bolero from the book One Skein by Leigh Radford yesterday. I was going to make it for a teacher at school, who is pregnant with her first baby, a boy, but my mom said I shouldn't unless I do it in cotton so it can be worn a lot. I am using gray Wool-Ease for this one. It is looking pretty cute. I took some pictures, but then my camera died on me, so I couldn't finish. I should have them ready in the next couple of days.

Both of these pictures are of Fuggles and me in the room. Fuggles did not get to get out much. My mother would not let me take him places. How dare she! lol.

I am sooooo excited. Magic 96.5 (a radio station that plays oldies and stuff) has started their Christmas Sampler Weekends!!!! On the weekends they play Christmas music! I love Christmas so this is the perfect thing for me! I should probably start looking for a pattern for my mother's Christmas slippers, speaking of. I found the simplest rolled brim hat pattern to use for the men of my family. I'll use up most of my yarn!! Goody goody!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Twas A Month, Two Weeks, and One Dat Til' Christmas..

I have oodles and oodles of yards of yarn to knit up into hats and slippers.

My list of things still to knit:
Slippers for my mother
Odessa for Lindsey
Shawl from Lion Brand for one of my best friends Erin
Hat for my dad
Hat for my grandfather
Hat for my other grandfather
Slippers for my Uncle John
Slippers for my Uncle Patrick

My list of things I have finished:
A hat for Catherine
2 headbands for my 6 year old cousin
2 headbands for my 4 year old cousin
Branching Out for Gram
Branching out for MamaLinda
Dishcloths for my aunt
Wild! scarf for my other aunt
Scarf for one of my friends Maegan
Caterpillar for one of my cousins
Scarf for one of my cousins

Why do I knit things for people for Christmas?? WHY? I have decided that next year I am going to get everyone a calander. I mean, seriously, everyone needs a calander, right! You agree, don't you?

OMG!!!! I just saw the previews for Law and Order Special Victims Unit!!!!!!! Why is Elliot kissing DANI!!!!!!! Dani needs to die. And with that, I sign off.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Pictures From The Cruise!!!!

I finally got my pics uploaded!!! YEA!!!!!!!!!! Okay. The first one is of me and one of my friends from church, Sarah Perry. This isn't from the cruise, but I like this picture so I uploaded it!

This second one is the light house on the way out of Mobile. Isn't it pretty!

This is it for now. I will post more tomorrow! Off to do homework!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Random Story of My Life

Hey everybody! I know I haven't posted in awhile, and I'm sorry! I have been so busy at school and with choir stuff. Tomorrow I am taking my camera to school and taking pictures of my friends and my favorite teacher evea, Mrs. Gerhardt. She is awesome!!!! I love her to death! I haven't gotten much knitting done. I made a couple dishcloths, but that's it. I made a cute little kitty cat one. Tomorrow morning I have to print out the first two days of the Monthly Dishcloth Knit-A-Long pattern. I can't wait to see what it is. I am going to upload all of my pictures tomorrow afternoon. I am very excited. You will get to see some of my ugly pictures from the cruise! One of my best friends, Erin, is spending the night Saturday night. We are having a parent's night out at my church that night and Erin wanted to help. I know for a fact that I am getting the youngest group. I will probably take my camera there, too. I should probably go to bed now!