Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hye Everybody!

I am planning on starting up a blog for the Last Minute Knitted Gifts Knitalong soon! So, for anyone who is interested tell your friends about it! I have been knitting so much from that book! I made the baby sweater, the hats (3 times), the rib scarf, and the bunny. SO much STUFF!!!!!!! It is all so pretty. I would have pictures but my dad is not being very helpful in finding the camera cord. SO, still no pictures. Sigh.

Song of the Week- Daughters (John Mayer)

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Eric! You posted!!!!!! I am so proud! lol. I have a question for all my knitter readers. Who would be interested in a Last Minute Knitted Gifts knit a long? My the way, an eyepillow is one of those pillows you can lay over your eyes to go to bed!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Random Things

It's good to be back...I've been lost for a while. Definitely too long since my last (and first) post. Sarah has threatened serious bodily harm if I didn't hurry up and make a new post. It still took over a week for me to get to it. Pathetic. Let's see...what's been going on? Well, speaking of Sarah, we had a great church retreat a lmost two weeks ago now during which she was reminded as to why I don't sing and she saw me dance to energizers (umm...yeah...I really don't need to be doing that either). It's a good thing I don't take myself seriously or I'd have a really nasty complex by now. Totally off the subject...but it's interesting to listen to some pretty heavy rock music and watch animated farm animals on Sprout TV (Audrey--the adorable 3yr old--is watching it across the room) at the same time. I can't really describe the mixture of the two other than really really odd. Anyway, it was a great weekend with the exception of two really really cold showers. The sad part was that I got more sleep sharing a cabin with junior high boys than I did the week before when on another retreat with all the officers of the church. Guess some people never grow up. Well, today was basically an unofficial state holiday because it was national signing day for college football. Our radio at work was tuned to the sports talk radio station all day to get the latest. Nothing like having no life! I have two Hello Kitty Pez dispensers up my shirt sleeve. Yeah...Pez dispensers...Audrey put them there. She wants me to tell you that they're playing a game (apparently involving hiding in my sleeve). Don't know much else that has happened in the past few weeks...other than being cyber-stalked briefly by a junior high cheerleader that mistook me for a 14yr old. Yeah...I'll leave that one alone right there. Thanks Sarah for helping clear that one up! It's once again safe for me to log on to AOL Instant Messenger! Actually, she was a really nice person...she was just misinformed to some vital details about me. Anyway, I better wrap it up here for now. I'll post again in the very near future!

Friday, February 02, 2007


Hey all! It is Sarah! I have been knitting so much and using up so much yarn! I have been using the money I would have normally used buying yarn, to go towards books and magazines. Baby items and Christmas presents are the main things on my knitting list right now. I have seven gifts done and I am working on three. I have pictures of all of them, but we rearranged furniture and got new stuff from DaddyBill's house down at the beach, so I can't find the cord to hook up my camera.

I got a bunch of new stuff for my bedroom! It is all antique and so pretty! The new bed set is black and white people fabric. The dresser and other dresser and badside table along with the mirror were all my mother's grandmothers. I got these two huge bookshelves, that I only need the first two shelves to hold my books. And I have two! I put pictures and my calander and my books on one of the shelves. On the other one, I put my stuffed animals and my knitting books. There are still two empty shelves, so I want to buy wicker baskets with black febric on the inside to put my yarn in so I can get rid of the plastic thing it is all in now!

In my other knitting news, I have knitted so much! I have finished the two sets of dishcloths, two scarf, two eyepillows, and one purse for Christmas presents! Yea Me!!