Sunday, December 31, 2006

I Am Amanda

Which Chick Are You?

You are AMANDA. On the surface, you've got the bright and shiny life we all want. You're rich, gorgeous and your Am Ex will buy you the designer clothes of your dreams. Being the popular party girl comes easily to you. It's getting close to friends (or boyfriends) that's a challenge. Maybe if you unloaded that big secret of yours, you'd feel less need to keep folks at arms length. In your Kate Spade knitting tote is all the fuzzy, novelty yarn you can carry.
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Normally, I would be upstairs, enjoying the party but I got exiled downstairs to be on kid duty. So, I took the Chicks With Sticks quiz. I found it on Elizabeth Lenhard's website. I am sooooooooo very bored. I am knitting up a really really fast hat using two strands of Caron Simply Soft. The colors are turquoise and purple. It is turning out very fast. I like it. I have also started a scribble lace scarf for my grandmother using Incredible and crochet cotton. It is very pretty but knitting with crochet cotton is not that fun. I shoudl probably go for now. Happy New Year!

Hey Everybody!

My parents and my sister and I are having a little New Years Party! Nicole and Earl and Mrs.Ann and Mr.Ken and Catherine, Michael, and Bryce are coming! I will be able to give the kids their hats and mangae to get pictures taken. Yesterday on my birthday, I bought the second Chicks WIth Sticks Book, Chicks With Sticks (Knit Two Together). I stayed up until 11 to finish it. Oh my gosh it was wonderful! Today I got 9 skeins of yarn from Mrs.DIxie and Mr.Bud for my birthday! NINE! It was all really good quality too. I was impressed. My grandfather wanted me to make him a bright orange scarf that he can wear hunting. He wants it really wide so I cast on 37 stitches on size 8 needles. I am using seed stich. Of course, it has to be bright orange so people can see him so I am using Caron Perfect Match in Orange. Sigh. This color is hurting my eyes but he has never requested anything from me to knit for him, so I really want to make this look nice. Happy New Year! I will have pictures tomorrow!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

3 Finished Hats and No Mittens

I have given up on the mittens. Sigh. Oh well! I bought the SImply Creative Crochet magazine today at Bookland and found the cutest stuffed animal patterns. There is one for a lion, a hippo, and an elephant. I have started the lion and I think that it looks pretty cute! Of course I only have half of the head done! I have been knitting and crocheting in the car on the way to shop for different things this week. Today, Mrs.Dixie took my sister and me out to buy us each an outfit for Christmas. I, of course, have already gotten ENOUGH clothes for this Christmas, so I got a really cute sweater and two magazines! How good can it get!

Aren't the pictures cute! The first picture is of Audrey and me at a wedding last fall, I don't know who took the picture, but I have decided that I love it! The one of all the kids is me with my cousins and sister. The older blond is my sister, Catherine. The youngest, sitting beside Catherine, is my all time favorite cousin, Mary Margaret a.k.a. May. The boy is Phillip. Phillip is pretty cool. As much as he hates it he knows that he is pretty cool in my book, and I tend to pull the favorite, oldest cousin bit on him. I love that kid! The three little kids are the kiddos I made the hats for. I need to take a picture of those tomorrow. Oh sorry! The boy with brown hair is Michael! Isn't he prescious! He just had to get a stitch in his head when he fell and hit a rocking chair! Catherine is the girl. She is so sweet! She can act just like a monkey! Bryce is the biggest! He loves Superman, and Spiderman, and all those people. He was so surprised to find that at Sarah's house, she doesn't have the Bat Man movie! It was so funny!
I am actually making myself a birthday present. Weird don't you think. Of course, I started on it right before I went to "bed" so it isn't done yet. Oh well. I will finish it soon. I am making bath scrubbies and fash cloths, all in the same colors. A goldish colors, and rainbow! Very cute! I know that my sister got me Fresh Vanilla bath stuff, because I bribed her, but she won't tell me what my parents got me! I was irritated at her earlier, surprise, surprise.
Wow! I am actually getting tired! Happy Birthday to me and a Happy Happy New Year to You!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Two Hats Done!

I finished two hats and one poncho in two days. I am pretty impressed with myself. Of course, the poncho was made on size 19 needles and one of the hats was on size 10.5 double pointed needles because I detest seaming, but still! I have pictures uploaded upstairs, but I haven't e-mailed them to my laptop yet, so no pictures until tomorrow. The hats are using the self striping yarn Red Heart Strata, and they turned out very cute. I am making three hat and mitten sets to give to the triplets on Sunday. I have the cutest picture of them upstairs. I need to e-mail that to myself to. I am doing something different for 2007. I have a couple of pages in a little note book, that I got at Michaels for a dollar last year, marked for different things. Ponchos, baby booties, hat, etc. During the year of 2007 I am going to mark down whenever I finish something, and at the end of the year next year, I am going to put the grand total up here. By the way, Eric, my wonderful friend from church is going to be joining me in posting this year! Yea!


Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Boy, oh boy, did I have a great Christmas! I became the owner of.......

a knitting bag, 18 brand new skeins of great yarn! Yes! AND........ EEYORE SLIPPERS!!!! Aren't they cute! I got 14 skeins of cotton yarn, which I will probably use for Christmas presents, 2 skeins of Red Heart Strata, and two skeins of Lion Boucle. I really didn't like the colors of the Red Heart Strata for me, so I am making the skeins into a scarf and mitten set for Catherine Storie. The yarns stripes by itself which means that Catherine will love the stripes, and I won't have to change color yarn! Yea! We both win!
This is what I had of the hat about twenty minutes ago. It doesn't look all that good in the picture but it looks good when you see it. I also got two knitting books, Knitting For Peace, and Knit Two Together. I am actually getting the hat pattern from Knitting For Peace. I am sure that I have taken up enough time, so Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and Happy Kwanza!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

I Made Stuff Today!

Wow! BEtween the cleaning and the folding clothes and wrapping presents I maganed to make a scarf. I found 5 skeins of Bold Black Fancy Fur at the Dollar Tree. I couldn't not get them, since they were only a dollar each. I took pictures of the scarf and the other 4 balls I have left. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! I am so excited! I am hapong for an iPod Nano so I can listen to my music and my podcasts while I knit. I am not going back to school until January the 8th, so I will have plenty of time to knit. On my calander I have marked the day after Christmas the official knit all day day. I plan on making mittens and hat sets with a really ugly skein of yarn someone gave me. I can't think of anything else to make with it, but hat and mitten sets. I want to use up some of my stash before I buy more yarn during the after-Christmas sale Michaels always has! lol. I probably need to go to sleep now since it is 12:35. Then again, I may turn on my light and knit some. I don't know. lol.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I Finished Dishcloths!

Today at school, I finished the last of Mrs.Ann's dishcloths! YES!! Now, I do not have to look at another dishcloth until the new year!!! I am so excited! For one of my very good friends Karlee, I am crocheting her two bath sponge things and putting them with soap my elf brought me. Today, she gave me a Christmas present. I always feel bad when people get me Christmas presents and I don't have them anything sooooooo, I went to Crochet Pattern Central and looked in the bath crochet section. I found a quick pattern that I liked. I am spending the night at her house tomorrow night, so I quickly worked these up and I am going to put them in a bag tomorrow after I take a picture of them. My friend Shelby, the girl who looks really weird in the picture below, brought me a bag of candy today. After she walked out of ear shot I was like, Crap. Another gift I have to work up. So, I told her that I was going to have her present after we got back from Christmas break. We technically get out tomorrow, but no one is going to go, because exams are over. Lindsey and I are going for first and second period, then her mom is going to check us out and take us out to eat with Lindsey's baby sister Lexie. She is three. Lexie goes to the preschool my mom is director of. Lindsey and I made the connection in the middle of the year last year that our parents knew each other and could very well be talking about us behind our backs. Come to find out, they were, but oh well. Lexie is in the Christmas program at the church tomorrow, so Lindsey and I will go to see it. Audrey will be in it! I have the most adorable picture of her wearing a hot pink fun fur scarf that Lindsey made me on. She told me when she was bug, Mommy was going to buy her a green one. Green is her favorite color. She calls my knitting needles sticks, so I told her that Sarah would make her one with her sticks. Audrey just kind of stared at me.
This is Patrick. I told him to smile, and he told me he didn't feel like smiling, so I took the picture anyway.
Next, we have Shelby, She doesn't normally look this weird. She just didn't know I was taking the picture! lol.
Last, is a picture I took of Mrs.Ann's second set of dishcloths yesterday. I have finished them now.
Merry Christmas to all!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

I've Got Pictures!

Last ngiht, I had a Christmas party with Zach, Patrick, and Lindsey. It was very fun! We played Dirty Santa. Kind of. More like an ornament swap. Here is a picture of all of us! Don't we look nice. Except for Zach.

Take a look at these pictures. I knit the pink baby hat and booties a couple of months ago, and just recently gave them to a NICU nurse who goes to my church. She told me that she would check with the parents, and if it was okay, she would take a picture and e-mail them to me. Today, I looked in my Inbox and found these pictures waiting for me. The one in the pink is Joslyn. Isn't she prescious! The one in the Santa hat is Sarah. Aren't they adorable!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'm Done, I'm Done, I'm Done

Oh yeah! That's right! I am done knitting my Christmas presents. I have decided that for Erin's gift, I am going to buy her an ornament. I have finished Lindsey's basket. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never finished anytime before Christmas. Now I get to wrap them. Blah. I hate wrapping things. Tomorrow, my language class is going to see Scrooge: The Musical. I am very excited. Next week, I have to take my exams. Doesn't that sound like fun. On Saturday, my friends and I are having a Christmas party!!!! I will take a group picture of all of us to post. I still have not done my math homework. Oh well. It is like 14 problems. I will do it tomorrow morning. Sigh. I don't feel well. I can't breathe through my nose. I am going to bed. Good night to all!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Chuckles, Fuggles, Bruce, and Cotton

All my favorite stuffed animals. One is completely knitted. That would be Fuggles. Then we have Bruce and Cotton. Cotton has on the white hand-knitted sweater with the C on it. Bet you could never have figured that out! lol. Bruce is the penguin with the camo sweater on. Then you have Chuckles the Funny Bunny. Chuckles has yet to recieve anything knitted. I know. How dare I. I will have to knit something up after Christmas. That's what I have been telling people. Take the sample conversation that I had with Dylan.
"Lindsey, will you knit me a scarf?"
"After Christmas."
"What?? Sarah, will you knit me a scarf?"
"After Christmas."
"What! You selfish people!"

Then, Lindsey and I go into a long drawn out speech about how we are knitting Christmas presents and will be stressed out until Christmas, so shut up and let us knit! lol.

I have soooo much knitting I still have to do. I need to finish my mother's washcloth really bad. The worst part about knitting Christmas presents for your family, is that they are home. Oh my goodness. I was knitting my sister's hat in August. She comes into the playroom.
"What are you making?"
"A hat."
"Who is it for?"
"Yes it is! You never knit for nobody!"
"Yes I do! I have total right to knit for anyone I choose and if I choose to knit for nobody, then I will knit for nobody!"

Seriously. I said that. I was stressed. One side of the hat was not cooperating. Sigh. I will have to work on my mom's facecloth Friday night while I am baby-sitting. I have a Finding Nemo game downloaded on my computer, so I can set us up with a bowl of popcorn, a Christmas movie, and have one of the triplets on the coputer, and I can knit! Perfect!!!

I probably need to go to bed now. Good-night!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Lots of Pictures!!!!

I am so sorry I haven't posted lately. I baby-sat almost all weekend, and I have been very busy at school lately. We went on a field trip last week at school to Montgomery and I took my camera. I took a ton of pictures! Here they are:
That picture is of me and Lindsey. I love that picture even though my hair looks absolutly AWFUL!!! It is a good picture of the two of us though.

That is Zach, Lindsey's boyfriend. I took that picture while looking up at him, which is why it looks kind of funny. It is a good picture. I may frame it and give it to him in his basket. Or, I could give it to his mother. I don't know.

This is one half of my mom's Christmas present. It is really hard to make presents for my family at home. At least with my dad's present it is Fun Fur, so he won't think it is for him. I decided to make a hat instead of a tie. I couldn't find a cute tie pattern I liked. ANYWAY..........

These are the first two of Mrs.Ann's dishcloths. I took these a few weeks ago, so I have that set done now. My mom gave them to her before I could snap a picture of them.

I have been working very hard on Christmas presents for people all the time. I think that I am going to write my list of poeple's Christmas presents the day after Christmas this year. That way, I can get the little presents out of the way, when I have a million dollars worth of Michael's gift cards to buy the yarn I need. I am going to be very busy, My goal is to keep my Christmas present cabinet full!!!