Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hey Everybody!

Hey everybody! I have been knitting for awhile now. I am making a scarf to use up three skeins of Incredible yarn from Lion Brand in Copper Penny. It is turning out pretty. I am probably going to use it as a present for one of my teachers. Maybe my civics teacher Mrs.Bryant. She doesn't wear many colors. Copper Penny suits her. I am also going to knit my choir teacher, Mrs.Parrish, a purple and white blanket. Her favorite color is purple. I have just over three weeks to knit this blanket. I am determined to finish it. I am either going to be buying the yarn tomorrow or the next day. Today I got my year book. It is really cool. It looks like a magazine.

Right now I am reading The First Wives Club and Hilary Clinton's auto biography. I like Hilary. I think she is kind of cool.

I'll check in tomorrow. Or the next day.


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