Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cat and Mouse

This morning I crocheted a little mouse for my kitty cat Cleo. It is so cute and quick to make. I loved making it. It also used up a little bit of one skein. It would be great for scraps. I will probably make some more today.

Tonight Lindsey is spending the night!!! I am very excited. I am so going to take a ton of pictures so that we can have a sleepover page in my scrapbook which I bought yesterday!!!!! I have already filled up 15 pages! It is so cute! I found some more pictures and edited them. Here they are:

Aren't they adorable! The baby is Alec. I wrote about him a couple of months ago. The little girl is his big sister Ava. They are so sweet. I would carry Alec around all day if I could!

I am getting my hair cut today! Probably nothing drastic. I don't know. Maybe choppier layers.


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