Friday, May 04, 2007


I bought the yarn for Mrs.Parrish's blanket today. In case I have not mentioned it, Mrs.Parrish is my choir teacher. I am knitting her blanket using the same pattern that I knit Linny's blanket in. I am using a different yarn though. I am using Homespun, by Lion Brand, in the colors Grape and White. I cast on the first purple panel today in the car right after I had bought the yarn.

Right now I am baby-sitting Susanne and Riley Voltz. They are watching High School Musical. They will have to go to bed in about half an hour. I have pictures from the Washington Zoo on my computer at home, but I am using Margie's computer right now, so I don't have pictures yet. I am loving the way the Homespun is knitting up on the eleven's. I never thought I would say this but when I finished Linny's blanket I missed having something to knit that was jsut straight garter stitch. I am very glad I cast on for this. When I finish knitting Mrs.P's blanket, I will probably cast on a blanket for Audrey. Her favortie color is green. If I was to get a light green, what color should I get to go with it. I am also planning on knitting a baby blanket to give to Michelle at her baby shower whenever it is. I am going to be knitting so many blankets! These are the biggest things that I have ever knitted, and I am loving it! Unfortunatly my cat loves it, too. She comes and curls up on the panel that I am knitting at the time and won't get off of it!!!!!! I have three weeks to knit the blanket for Mrs.Parrish's blanket. I am definatly going to finish it. I can probably knit a panel a day if I don't have homework plus the knitting I can do at school. I can't wait to see her face when she opens up her present. Of course, knitting her this balnket this year means that I am going to have no idea what to knit her next year. Any ideas anyone? I am going to post about the blanket on my Last Minute Knitted Gifts KAL page. I am considering this my last minute knitted gift.

Last night I spent five hours building a house for a project. We had to use an old hot glue gun. It got really hot all of a sudden while I was using it and burned my finger. I have a burn blister there now. It hurts really bad. I have a math test Monday but that is no big deal.

Tomorrow morning I have to watch a baby at Mom's Group for my church. The nursery person that we have now irritates me. I was playing a game with the kids once and she seemed to think that they weren't learning. I am sitting there thinking, "yes they are!!!" She would stop them so that they could tell her what color a certain color was. The game I was playing with them was showing them how to follow diractions, listen, and learn colors without realizing it. I told them that they had to listen carefully for when I said Freeze! and get on the color red really fast. If they did it, they were following directions, listening, and showing me that they knew what color was which. However, Mrs.Theresa can't get this one baby to ever stop crying. His name is Christian. So far I am the only one other than his mother who can make him stop crying. So, I get him tomorrow! I am very excited!!!


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Lisa said...


I have a pattern that works up fast and uses big needles, and I use Homespun Yarn. You use two or three strands at a time to make it. I try to use a light, a medium, and a dark, but I have made it with just one color too.

Cast on 100 stitches loosley using size 17 needles. Knit first six rows for edge. Blanket Pattern goes like this:

Row 1: Knit each stitch wrapping yarn around needle twice creating an extra wrap.
Row 2: Knit OR Purl (your choice) back, dropping the extra wrap as you go.
Rows 3-4-5-6-7: Knit Every Row
Row 8: Purl
Row 9: Knit
Row 10: Purl
Rows 11-12-13-14: Knit Every Row

Repeat pattern to desired length. Repat Rows 1-2 ONLY. Knit 6 more rows for Border and bund off loosley. Fringe if desired.

Six repeats will cover a quen size bed.

This makes a wonderful balnket that is so soft and looks great!