Monday, May 14, 2007

Shawls and Mittens

I am making a prayer shawl for Judie Storie, the grandmother of the awesome triplets I baby sit. She has had cancer and recently it spread to her brain. I am using the Tea and Sympathy shawl pattern from the Lion Brand website. I like it so far. I was wondering if it actually took all of both skeins. It is getting big really fast and I am wondering if it actually takes that much. For the shawl I am using the yarn that I bought for Mrs.Parrish's blanket. I think that she will like a scarf and I am going to knit her a blanket next year. Knowing Mrs.Parrish, she would rather me knit a shawl for a woman with cancer then knit her a blanket.

I am also planning on knitting seven pairs of mittens and hat sets. There is a knit a long type thing going on. I am going to donate mine to EACM (Eastern Area Christian Ministries). I know the president and everything. She goes to my church. I am probably going to use Bernat Softee Chunky for the sets.

Reggie is graduating this Saturday!!!!!!!


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