Friday, May 25, 2007

New Camera, Hopefully Less Stash!

Last night I was given a really expensive camera as a gift for making the National Junior Honors Society! I am sooooo excited. I am hoping to start scrapbooking and my current camera is well, crappy to say the least. I already have ideas for pages!!!

About the hopefully less stash thing. I have asked to join The 2007 Summer Stash Shout Out and the Stashalong. For the Stashalong I am probably going to use the WIP/FO section. I am going to say two pairs of mittens a week, one WUA square a week, Judie Stories prayer shawl, Fun Fetti scarf, and a screaming stash. Does that sound good? I really don't think that it will take me a month to knit all of that, so I will probably throw in some other stash projects!


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Dawn ; ) said...

Hey ~ thx for stoppin by and showing some sympathy. I didn't hurt myself but it was pretty funny to see me try not poke my foot, fall on the dog and lose the camera. ;D

Your plans for Stashalong sound great and very doable. I believe you will do great. Looking forward to see some of your pics w/your new camera. ;D