Monday, May 28, 2007

101 Post and Pictures!!!

This is my 101 post!!!!! YEA!!! I didn't realize that my last post was my 100. Silly me. Yesterday was Penecost. It was very fun. I took a ton of pictures. After church we went to the Nixon's house. They have four kids. I am in the middle. I had nothing to do. I didn't feel good and my allergies were acting up. So my night was not fun. However I got a bunch of knitting done. I didn't get to measure my WUA square until I got home so I didn't realize how far off I was in width. It was 8.5 inches wide! Of course it wouldn't be nine so I could just keep knitting until it was seven inches long. Nope. It had to be 8.5. This is a picture of it when we left.
Isn't it pretty. I was really liking it. I went to bed as soon as we got home (around ten) because I didn't feel good. Then I get up this morning all ready to finish knitting that square. I pull out my measuring tape and it is 8.5 inches wide. Sigh. It got frogged. Sad. I restarted it and am working on it again.
I started a hat yesterday, using Knitting Nonni's pattern again. I am almost done with it. I am using one of three skeins of a gray color in Lion Brand Homespun. It is pretty. I am going to be using the rest of it to knit Margie Voltz a shrug. Then I will still have two skeins to use. After I finish this hat (I am on the last wedge) I am going to start one using Bernat Softee Chunky. It is a blue, green combo. I like it but I would never wear it. More charity stuff.
I am almost done with Christmas presents. I am going to start a mini sweater today or tomorrow after I baby-sit. Tomorrow my bff Linny is spending the night! I have a feeling we will be up late watching movies so I will have plenty of time to knit. I am saving Pop Pop hideous orange scarf that he needs for hunting for last. I will work on it on the way to Gulftreat. I will probably be able to finish it while I am down there. I am so close to being done with all the Christmas presents. I am sensing a stress free Christmas in my future! YEA!!! I do not want another Christmas like last year when I was so stressed.
I took some adorable pictures yesterday and here are three that I LOVE. The first one is my dad telling two little girls about when he popped a jumpy thing at a Penecost a long time ago. Here it is: Isn't it sweet. I got it right when he was clapping his hands together going POP! I love that picture. It is soooooo very cute.

Here is another picture. Isn't she cute! Her name is Ella. I am baby-sitting her and her older sister, Gracen, every Thursday this summer. They are so sweet. Ella has a big temper. You wouldn't think it looking at her sweet little face, but man can she scream. It is actually pretty funny. I love Ella. She rocks.

Meet Parker. Is he not the cutest little boy you have ever seen? I was in the toddler room his first, second, third, and fourth time he came in. The first time, he cried when I took him and his parents left. The second time a few tears were shed. The third and fourth time, he reached for me! I love love love Parker and his older sister Audrey. To many sweet little babies at my church. I love them all!!!!!!

I have like nothing to do today except to knit and look at the pictures I took yesterday. I am going to Sam's later to get some pictures printed and to buy a scrapbooking starter kit. At Sam's it is $30, and that includes a kit to keep it all in, stickers, markers, and albums! I am so excited.

I am off to knit and use up stash!


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