Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More Stash Reduction!!!

I have just joined the Stashalong and I am working on the WIP goal. I am about finished with my first goal. I started a scarf today out of the same yarn that I made Cleo's toy out of. I had a whole other skein plus the rest of that skein, so I am using it to make a scarf using a pattern from the book One Skein Wonders. I have had to book for awhile, I just haven't made much from it. This is a really quick pattern. I really like it. I will post some pictures of it tomorrow.

Today, I also packed my bag of knitting to take to Gulftreat with me. Tomorrow my mom and my sister won't be here so I will have all day to work on Judie Storie's prayer shawl. I am so close to being done. I am ready for it to be off the needles! That will probably inspire me to work on it. I may go over to the church with my mom and sister tomorrow. There is a bunch of preschool kids coming to the church to play and I may go to see them. Work on my knitting, watch kids play, etc, etc. It may be fun. Plus I know that they will have Popsicles. I like Popsicles. A lot. lol.

I am so happy! I am using up a lot of yarn, and it actually feels really good. Most of what I am making now is going to charity and it is nice to know that what I am making is going to warm someone up in the winter.

I'll talk to you all tomorrow!


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