Sunday, April 22, 2007


I AM SO SORRY! I have been so busy. I have had SATs and homework and then we went to the beach and I had no computer for a week and omg i am sorry! I did knit though! I made three of the spiral rib bags from the book One Skein which I actually have a picture of, just not on the computer yet. lol. I have finished two Christmas presents for my friends, who are all getting spiral bags with a poem I have written about them inside. I think they will like them. I have two of the bags and two poems done. I am about to start a third. Once again I am sorry!


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Vada said...

Come on Sarah, the SATs? You should have taken the ACT, I mean there was that small incident that they gave the incorrect scores to people, you could have gotten a higher score that way :) Just kidding of course, I mean it really did happen, but you should take the test you want to take. :) You didn't have your computer for a week? That's crazy! I had mine out a week and a half, and I practically lived at my high school to get my work done. That's so cool that you already have Christmas presents done! I'm going to try to post on the KAL this weekend, it's been so crazy around here my senior year!

Hope you have a great day/week/month/everything!


PS: Sorry this was a long comment :)