Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More Stash Reduction!!!

I have just joined the Stashalong and I am working on the WIP goal. I am about finished with my first goal. I started a scarf today out of the same yarn that I made Cleo's toy out of. I had a whole other skein plus the rest of that skein, so I am using it to make a scarf using a pattern from the book One Skein Wonders. I have had to book for awhile, I just haven't made much from it. This is a really quick pattern. I really like it. I will post some pictures of it tomorrow.

Today, I also packed my bag of knitting to take to Gulftreat with me. Tomorrow my mom and my sister won't be here so I will have all day to work on Judie Storie's prayer shawl. I am so close to being done. I am ready for it to be off the needles! That will probably inspire me to work on it. I may go over to the church with my mom and sister tomorrow. There is a bunch of preschool kids coming to the church to play and I may go to see them. Work on my knitting, watch kids play, etc, etc. It may be fun. Plus I know that they will have Popsicles. I like Popsicles. A lot. lol.

I am so happy! I am using up a lot of yarn, and it actually feels really good. Most of what I am making now is going to charity and it is nice to know that what I am making is going to warm someone up in the winter.

I'll talk to you all tomorrow!


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cat and Mouse

This morning I crocheted a little mouse for my kitty cat Cleo. It is so cute and quick to make. I loved making it. It also used up a little bit of one skein. It would be great for scraps. I will probably make some more today.

Tonight Lindsey is spending the night!!! I am very excited. I am so going to take a ton of pictures so that we can have a sleepover page in my scrapbook which I bought yesterday!!!!! I have already filled up 15 pages! It is so cute! I found some more pictures and edited them. Here they are:

Aren't they adorable! The baby is Alec. I wrote about him a couple of months ago. The little girl is his big sister Ava. They are so sweet. I would carry Alec around all day if I could!

I am getting my hair cut today! Probably nothing drastic. I don't know. Maybe choppier layers.


Monday, May 28, 2007

101 Post and Pictures!!!

This is my 101 post!!!!! YEA!!! I didn't realize that my last post was my 100. Silly me. Yesterday was Penecost. It was very fun. I took a ton of pictures. After church we went to the Nixon's house. They have four kids. I am in the middle. I had nothing to do. I didn't feel good and my allergies were acting up. So my night was not fun. However I got a bunch of knitting done. I didn't get to measure my WUA square until I got home so I didn't realize how far off I was in width. It was 8.5 inches wide! Of course it wouldn't be nine so I could just keep knitting until it was seven inches long. Nope. It had to be 8.5. This is a picture of it when we left.
Isn't it pretty. I was really liking it. I went to bed as soon as we got home (around ten) because I didn't feel good. Then I get up this morning all ready to finish knitting that square. I pull out my measuring tape and it is 8.5 inches wide. Sigh. It got frogged. Sad. I restarted it and am working on it again.
I started a hat yesterday, using Knitting Nonni's pattern again. I am almost done with it. I am using one of three skeins of a gray color in Lion Brand Homespun. It is pretty. I am going to be using the rest of it to knit Margie Voltz a shrug. Then I will still have two skeins to use. After I finish this hat (I am on the last wedge) I am going to start one using Bernat Softee Chunky. It is a blue, green combo. I like it but I would never wear it. More charity stuff.
I am almost done with Christmas presents. I am going to start a mini sweater today or tomorrow after I baby-sit. Tomorrow my bff Linny is spending the night! I have a feeling we will be up late watching movies so I will have plenty of time to knit. I am saving Pop Pop hideous orange scarf that he needs for hunting for last. I will work on it on the way to Gulftreat. I will probably be able to finish it while I am down there. I am so close to being done with all the Christmas presents. I am sensing a stress free Christmas in my future! YEA!!! I do not want another Christmas like last year when I was so stressed.
I took some adorable pictures yesterday and here are three that I LOVE. The first one is my dad telling two little girls about when he popped a jumpy thing at a Penecost a long time ago. Here it is: Isn't it sweet. I got it right when he was clapping his hands together going POP! I love that picture. It is soooooo very cute.

Here is another picture. Isn't she cute! Her name is Ella. I am baby-sitting her and her older sister, Gracen, every Thursday this summer. They are so sweet. Ella has a big temper. You wouldn't think it looking at her sweet little face, but man can she scream. It is actually pretty funny. I love Ella. She rocks.

Meet Parker. Is he not the cutest little boy you have ever seen? I was in the toddler room his first, second, third, and fourth time he came in. The first time, he cried when I took him and his parents left. The second time a few tears were shed. The third and fourth time, he reached for me! I love love love Parker and his older sister Audrey. To many sweet little babies at my church. I love them all!!!!!!

I have like nothing to do today except to knit and look at the pictures I took yesterday. I am going to Sam's later to get some pictures printed and to buy a scrapbooking starter kit. At Sam's it is $30, and that includes a kit to keep it all in, stickers, markers, and albums! I am so excited.

I am off to knit and use up stash!


Sunday, May 27, 2007

Stash Used!

I have used THREE skeins of my stash already!!!!! I am so very proud of myself! I knit two hats yesterday. One is my cousin Phillip's hat and the other is a hat for charity using Knitting Nonni's wedge hat pattern. The link to her blog is on the sidebar. I knit a camera case using the other skein. Here is a picture(look down). Isn't it pretty! I used Moda Dea Chace. I was gifted one skein of it as a late Christmas present and there isn't much you can do with only one skein. I used the Gold Digger bag pattern from the book Teen Knitting Club and then used the lace pattern from Chicks With Sticks (Knit Two Together). I love it! I even added snaps! I think it took me longer to sew on the straps then it did to knit the actual bag. I love it and it fits my camera, a spare set of batteries, and the camera card case perfectly. I LOVE IT!!!! There was a little bit left over so I saved it. I had the perfect idea! I am going to take my camera to the next Knit Wits and take a bunch of pictures. Then,in my scrapbook I am going to put the pictures and make little skeins of Moda Dea that I make. I will put those on the page! Won't it be cute!!

Today was Penecost at my church and we had a picnic and a jumpy thing for the kids. I have some cute pictures. I will try to upload them tonight and post them sometime this week.

Next Sunday Lindsey and I leave for Gulftreat with my mom!!! I am so excited. I think that Lindsey and I are going to get air brush t-shirts. I will post pictures of them if we get them. I can't wait. I need to make a packing list. I am baby-sitting five times this week. I am going to get my mom to take me to Sam's. I am going to get some pictures printed and buy a scrapbook set. I can't wait.

I need to go finish cleaning up my room. Not much to do, as I have been keeping it clean surprisingly. I am proud of myself. I never keep my room clean!


Friday, May 25, 2007

New Camera, Hopefully Less Stash!

Last night I was given a really expensive camera as a gift for making the National Junior Honors Society! I am sooooo excited. I am hoping to start scrapbooking and my current camera is well, crappy to say the least. I already have ideas for pages!!!

About the hopefully less stash thing. I have asked to join The 2007 Summer Stash Shout Out and the Stashalong. For the Stashalong I am probably going to use the WIP/FO section. I am going to say two pairs of mittens a week, one WUA square a week, Judie Stories prayer shawl, Fun Fetti scarf, and a screaming stash. Does that sound good? I really don't think that it will take me a month to knit all of that, so I will probably throw in some other stash projects!


Monday, May 21, 2007

Pictures and Friends

Oh my gosh! School is almost over! I have three exams left and then I will be done. I am looking forward to summer, but I am also dreading the end of school. I will miss my friends so much! I can't imagine not seeing my friends every day! I am so used to seeing them. Lindsey and I are heading off to camp on June 3, but we will have my computer with me and we will post often. I know that we will be able to get some pictures so I may have some pictures them. Anyway, here are a bunch of pictures now!

The top one is me and Lindsey. The second one is me and Danielle. The third one is me and Shelby. The last one is the gang at lunch. The redhead is Patrick, the one who is laying down is Zach, and the last one is William.

I am not done with Judie Stories prayer shawl, but I have knit two. I made one for myself. I have been so stressed out lately. I have had exams and a ton of projects, plus all of the stupid end of the year crap that people have to deal with. I did get tapped into the National Junior Honors Society though. I knit myself a shawl out of white Homespun. I have been using the shawl pattern from the book Back On Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber. The second one that I knit is for Lindsey. She has been dealing with the same stress I have plus more because she is moving. I knit hers out of red Homespun. I am trying to use up most of my Homespun by making prayer shawls and shrugs.

Wednesday is my last day of school. Yay!


Monday, May 14, 2007

Shawls and Mittens

I am making a prayer shawl for Judie Storie, the grandmother of the awesome triplets I baby sit. She has had cancer and recently it spread to her brain. I am using the Tea and Sympathy shawl pattern from the Lion Brand website. I like it so far. I was wondering if it actually took all of both skeins. It is getting big really fast and I am wondering if it actually takes that much. For the shawl I am using the yarn that I bought for Mrs.Parrish's blanket. I think that she will like a scarf and I am going to knit her a blanket next year. Knowing Mrs.Parrish, she would rather me knit a shawl for a woman with cancer then knit her a blanket.

I am also planning on knitting seven pairs of mittens and hat sets. There is a knit a long type thing going on. I am going to donate mine to EACM (Eastern Area Christian Ministries). I know the president and everything. She goes to my church. I am probably going to use Bernat Softee Chunky for the sets.

Reggie is graduating this Saturday!!!!!!!


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Fun Fetti. More. More. More.

I am knitting teacher gifts for my teachers at school. I am making scarves our of Fun Fetti for my teachers, and I hate it!!!!!!!!!!! Of course by using it I am using up a alrge amount of my stash but it doesn't mean I have to like it. I am also planning on knitting a baby bolero from One Skein for my language teacher who is having a baby. I will probably pick up a skein of Cotton Ease to make it.

I found out yesterday that Gilmore Girls is being canceled. I was sooo sad.

I am sick. I have a stomach bug/migrane thing going on. It sucks. I woke up at three and didn't dtop vomiting until around noon. Sigh.


Friday, May 04, 2007


I bought the yarn for Mrs.Parrish's blanket today. In case I have not mentioned it, Mrs.Parrish is my choir teacher. I am knitting her blanket using the same pattern that I knit Linny's blanket in. I am using a different yarn though. I am using Homespun, by Lion Brand, in the colors Grape and White. I cast on the first purple panel today in the car right after I had bought the yarn.

Right now I am baby-sitting Susanne and Riley Voltz. They are watching High School Musical. They will have to go to bed in about half an hour. I have pictures from the Washington Zoo on my computer at home, but I am using Margie's computer right now, so I don't have pictures yet. I am loving the way the Homespun is knitting up on the eleven's. I never thought I would say this but when I finished Linny's blanket I missed having something to knit that was jsut straight garter stitch. I am very glad I cast on for this. When I finish knitting Mrs.P's blanket, I will probably cast on a blanket for Audrey. Her favortie color is green. If I was to get a light green, what color should I get to go with it. I am also planning on knitting a baby blanket to give to Michelle at her baby shower whenever it is. I am going to be knitting so many blankets! These are the biggest things that I have ever knitted, and I am loving it! Unfortunatly my cat loves it, too. She comes and curls up on the panel that I am knitting at the time and won't get off of it!!!!!! I have three weeks to knit the blanket for Mrs.Parrish's blanket. I am definatly going to finish it. I can probably knit a panel a day if I don't have homework plus the knitting I can do at school. I can't wait to see her face when she opens up her present. Of course, knitting her this balnket this year means that I am going to have no idea what to knit her next year. Any ideas anyone? I am going to post about the blanket on my Last Minute Knitted Gifts KAL page. I am considering this my last minute knitted gift.

Last night I spent five hours building a house for a project. We had to use an old hot glue gun. It got really hot all of a sudden while I was using it and burned my finger. I have a burn blister there now. It hurts really bad. I have a math test Monday but that is no big deal.

Tomorrow morning I have to watch a baby at Mom's Group for my church. The nursery person that we have now irritates me. I was playing a game with the kids once and she seemed to think that they weren't learning. I am sitting there thinking, "yes they are!!!" She would stop them so that they could tell her what color a certain color was. The game I was playing with them was showing them how to follow diractions, listen, and learn colors without realizing it. I told them that they had to listen carefully for when I said Freeze! and get on the color red really fast. If they did it, they were following directions, listening, and showing me that they knew what color was which. However, Mrs.Theresa can't get this one baby to ever stop crying. His name is Christian. So far I am the only one other than his mother who can make him stop crying. So, I get him tomorrow! I am very excited!!!


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hey Everybody!

Hey everybody! I have been knitting for awhile now. I am making a scarf to use up three skeins of Incredible yarn from Lion Brand in Copper Penny. It is turning out pretty. I am probably going to use it as a present for one of my teachers. Maybe my civics teacher Mrs.Bryant. She doesn't wear many colors. Copper Penny suits her. I am also going to knit my choir teacher, Mrs.Parrish, a purple and white blanket. Her favorite color is purple. I have just over three weeks to knit this blanket. I am determined to finish it. I am either going to be buying the yarn tomorrow or the next day. Today I got my year book. It is really cool. It looks like a magazine.

Right now I am reading The First Wives Club and Hilary Clinton's auto biography. I like Hilary. I think she is kind of cool.

I'll check in tomorrow. Or the next day.