Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Last Minute Knitted Gifts KAL Started!

I have officially started the Last Minute Knitted Gifts KAL!!!! Yay!

OMG! I am having to knit a sweater for a one year old by Thursday!!!!!!! EEEKKKKKK!!!! I am using the Child's Placket Sweater pattern from the book Last Minute Knitted Gifts. It is goign very quickly since that is all I am working on as of right now. I still have a lot on the needles, but the only thing I am working on is the sweater. Today, I knit the entire body and one sleeve and have started the second sleeve. I also discovered that I can't do seed stitch in the round without paying attention! lol. I had to take out two rounds of the cuff earlier.

This weekend my family and the Stories, who have five-year-old triplets, are all going to the beach. My sister and I are both being checked out of school to drive down, staying all weekend, and coming home late Monday afternoon. At first I was sooooo excited about this trip! I could knit on the beach, knit in the car, finally finish up some stuff. Then I got in the car today where my mother imformed me of something. We would all be going out to eat two of the nights we were there. Then one of the nights, only the adults were going, and I would have to baby-sit all the kids! (4 total). I had already decided that this vacation was supposed to be a relaxing vacation, where I could get away from the stress of school and friends. Apparently not. Now, not only do I have to share one room with at least one five year old and a ten year old, which pretty much ruins the sleeping late thing, I have to worry about getting Catherine, Michael, and Bryce's teeth brushed, tuck them in, and try and make my sister understand that I am in charge. I see no fun in that. I was hoping for a weekend to relax. Now, I am mad at my mother and have cramps. What a wonderful way to spend a weekend at the beach.

On a happier note, I made an A on all of my exams!!!!! Yay!!!
Language- 100
Science- 95
Math- 91
Civics- 100
P.E.- 100



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