Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry!

It has been so long and I am so sorry about it! I was at the beach and I have been busy with school and everything. I have been stressed but I have tried to take some time to relax and it has been doing me good. My school is having a weather day Friday, which is also the day I am leaving for the beach for a church retreat. I did finish the baby sweater and it came out so cute! It also used up three skeins of yarn. I sewed on the buttons the day before I gave it to Margie!

I have found that I can knit a hat a day at school if it is for a preemie. I can knit in between note taking in three classes, and at lunch study and choir! I have made two in two days. They are so cute!

Two weeks ago I got to go to the beach. I think I mentioned it. Anyway, baby-sitting the triplets wasn't bad. It was the last night we were there so they were so so so tired. They went to sleep right away. I hardly knit the whole time we were there. I read two books and played and got a semi-tan. I still looked pretty good for March.

I am still on the first footie for Mr.Bud. It is pitiful. I am taking it on the bus this weekend to work on while we are going to Florida for camp. I should be able to finish the pair since it is a five hour drive on the way there and the way back. And you can add in free time and small group. I am taking my camera so expect pictures!

Today I was catching up on my tivoed 7th Heaven episodes and I cried and cried over a TV show! It was so sad. Eric is going to die!!!!! i was crying and my mom walked in and she was like,"What is the matter with you?", so I told her and she laughed at me!!!! I was mad.


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