Sunday, June 17, 2007

101 Things and Counting!

So far this year I have knit 101 things and counting. I finished my Horcrux Socks and they are so comfortable. I ended up just knitting them the same. I love them! I don't have a picture yet but I plan on it! I knitted up a Tea Cozy Crown hat yesterday in blue and gray for a two and a half year old's Big Brother Present. It ended up so cute! I was very proud of it. I am also knitting a wand. Yes, that's right, a wand! I am using some dark brown Wool Ease and size 3 dpn. II think it will turn out pretty cute!

I am knitting a prayer shawl to add to my great grandmother's Christmas present. I plan on knitting on for both my aunts and my grandmother to add to their Christmas presents. I will knit one for my mom too, if she wants one. If she doesn't I will figure something else out.

I need to go and work on my Gram's shawl and hopefully get it done soon. I am baby-sitting at least four days this week, so this shawl will probably use it as a baby-sitting project. I am going to use my baby-sitting money to buy the six skeins of Microspun that I am going to need for my Summertime Tunic. I joined the knitalong, and I am ordering my needles off of Knit Picks soon. I am also buying the set of KIPer bags. The set of bags is only fifty but separately they are eight a piece. I can't wait to knit up my tunic!!!!


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