Sunday, April 22, 2007


I AM SO SORRY! I have been so busy. I have had SATs and homework and then we went to the beach and I had no computer for a week and omg i am sorry! I did knit though! I made three of the spiral rib bags from the book One Skein which I actually have a picture of, just not on the computer yet. lol. I have finished two Christmas presents for my friends, who are all getting spiral bags with a poem I have written about them inside. I think they will like them. I have two of the bags and two poems done. I am about to start a third. Once again I am sorry!


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I Have A Tan

I have a tan!!! Of course it came with bad things. On Friday, while we were going down there, we stopped at Sonic to eat. I am never going there again. I got a burger, and at 4:30 in the morning I threw it up. It was awful. Never ever ever again. No more Sonic.

I didn't end up finishing Mr.Bud's footies. How sad is that? I am on the toe of the first one. Lindsey and I have to finish our blankets before we go to Washington D.C. for our choir trip on the 24th. I am probably going to talk my parents into letting me bring the lap top so I won't run up our cell phone bill calling them.We will see. If I can take it, Lindsey and I can post from Washington. We are both bringing cameras, so you may end up with twice the pictures.

I am sick and my cough medicine is making me sleepy so GN!