Thursday, September 28, 2006

I Am Making A Warshrag!!

I have caught the ballband craze! I am loving this pattern! I am making a set of dishclothes for a woman at my church who's aunt knits. She has made Mrs.Ann many knitted dishclothes but all of Mrs.Ann are sadly deceasing from use. She asked me to make her some so I am making a set of 4 ballband warshrags from the book Mason Dixon Knitting. The pattern is so fast! I already have it memorized. I am doing it in teal and cream and it is turning out great!!

You are going to think I am so weird. In my agenda book there is a little section for each week that says Weekly Goals and Priorities. For each week I have one or two Christmas listed that I plan on knitting that week! I am hoping that will get me through until Christmas. I decided that a cabled scarf would be faster to knit up than a hat, because I can do the scarf on size 10 or 11 needles while holding two strands of yarn together and make a thick warm scarf. So, that is what I am doing. I think for my teachers I will do a set of dishclothes each since they are fast. That can be my church knitting. I have so much cotton to buy! I can't wait!!

Bye for now!!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Making Myself Something!!

I am making myself something!! I know. Amazing isn't it! I am making the mitered square blanket from Mason Dixon Knitting. I may be crazy, but that is my plan. I am going to use up all of my Red Heart Super Saver. I made one today. It is big because I am using size 8 needles instead of size 6.

I am also officially freaking out! There is only 3 month's until Christmas and I still have 8 presents to make!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!! (imagine Help! by the Beatles playing). I have 6 hats, one 1 Hour Shawl to make, and I set of dishcloths. I will probably be doing the hats towards late November. There is a good chance I will be knitting my dad's on Christmas Eve. I have decided to make all of my weekend knitting the blanket. I actually want it done before 2010. LOL.

I told a woman at my church that I would knit her a set of dishcolths so I should probably get that done. Sigh. I don't know when I will do that. Probably this week at school. Hopefully.

I need to go get ready for church tonight. By the way, check out Mariska Hargitay's blog!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006


I am sorry I haven't posted! I have been so busy! I am going away for two days to go to a coir trip at Sumatanga. I can't wait! Lindsey and I went to a football game to hear the band play, because why else would a girl go to a football game? lol. THE BAND DIDN'T PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I was soooooo mad!

In knitting news, I have made a hat using my own pattern. I will post it sometime. I am working on two baby kimonos. they are cool. gtg

Friday, September 08, 2006

Finished Two Presents!!

Last night I finshed my Aunt Laurel's Christmas present. She wears very dull colors so I made her a scarf in hot pinks and bright yellows and lime greens. It is called Wild! by Moda Dea. I used the color Hot Tamale. It is relly soft and pretty. I managed to finish it in a day! I used size 9 needles.

I went to Michaels today and found out that they have 16" bamboo circulat knitting needles!!! I bought sizes 8 and 10. I also bought 2 skeins of Red Heart Super Saver in a cream color and a wine color. They should make a cool Alabama football hat. My family are HUGE Alabama fans. I am making my Uncle John a cream colored hat and DaddyBIll gets an Alabama hat. Uncle Patrick gets a cream colored hat and Pop Pop also gets an Alabama hat.

At school, I made a 100 on my social studies test!!!! He he he!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hey Everybody!!!

I am on the last dishcloth for my aunt!!! Hip hip hooray!! I can get 2 1/3 dishclothes out of one skein of Lily Sugar and Cream. That means I will have enough yarn to make another set for a lady at church.

Last night I had the worst nightmare! You know Audrey? Well, she is a major part. Now, listen.
I was in 4th period enrichment. I get a slip to check out. I gather all my stuff then go to the Welcome Center. My dad is there to take me to the hospital because Audrey was in a coma. I go and sit with her while Eric and Michelle go get something to eat. So I am sitting there telling her she has to wake up because Sarah needs her Audrey back and needs an Audrey hug. So, I am holding her hand when the song There's Holes In The Floor of Heaven starts playing. Suddenly she dies, while she is holding my hand. Next scene is at the funeral. I am sobbing. After the funeral I go to hug Eric and Michelle when Eric starts yelling at me! I run from the cemetery and hear the church bell ringing. Actually, it was my alarm.
Out of dream.

So, the dream started my day off nicely. Then my stomach hurt all day. It feels like when I mono in 5th grade. I did not have a good day.

That was the end of my day. I will have another pic of Audrey tomorrow. Hopefully no more continuations of that dream!!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Aunt's Christmas Present Going, Going, Going!!!!

I went to Michaels last night with Catherine and Nicole. I bought 4 skeins of Lily Sugar and Cream in Hot Blue, a pair of bamboo size 7 knitting needles, and a little one dollar journal with a beach chair on the front to have to write my knitting stuff in. I only spent twelve dollars, too!!!!!!!! I was so impressed. For my Aunt Monica, I am knitting 4 dishclothes, with the first intials of her family. My Uncle John, and cousins Michael and Clohe. I have finished Aunt Monica's M dishcloth and I am working on the J cloth. They are pretty cute!! I got the pattern from Knitting Knonsense. That is a great site!! I got the book Mason Dixon Knitting, I may have told you that, and I am going to knit a baby bib set for a teacher at my school. She is the home ec. teacher and knows how to knit, but I could knit something for her. I had her last year. I think I will knit the bibs in a cream color. They will be cute!!!

I was going through some old pics and found a cute one of me and Audrey at Easter. Isn't it cute!! She has grown so much since then! Her birthday is a little more than a month away. I am soo sad she is growing up!!

You are probably bored listening to me whine about her growing up. I don't really have anything else to talk about so I will go. Bye for today!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Hey Ya'll!!!!

What up??? How are ya? I have gotten some crocheting done. I have decided to use a size J hook, and some little balls of yarn to make a cute little log cabin blanket for Fuggles. Speaking of Fuggles, is this not the cutest pic!! It's Eric, Audrey, and Fuggles at Animal Kingdom!! I luv it!!!

So far I have finished a bunch of Christmas presents. I have finished all of the kid presents, so now I am not to stressed out. I was just worried about not finishing the kid presents. All, I am saying is that Michael better say thank you, because that catterpillar was one of the most boring things I have ever worked on!!!!! I will post some pics of Christmas presents pretty soon!!

I am watching Cold Case Files. It is pretty good. I have learned that Without A Trace is pretty good. I like Detective Samantha Spade. She is pretty cool. The regular Law and Order is okay, too. I have learned to love Law and Order Criminal Intent. It is awesome. Oh, and congats to Mariska Hargitay on her Emmy!!!!!!!!!!!! I was sooooooo mad at the Emmy people for Christopher Meloni not winning!!!!!!!! I was like, screaming at the t.v.

Bye for now. I'll post tomorrow!